14 Best Spots for Sunset in Cartagena, Colombia


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Set on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, Cartagena is Colombia’s most famous tourist destination.  There are great beaches nearby, and of course, the beaches of Cartagena offer great Caribbean sunsets.  However, there are some great sunset spots in Cartagena in the city itself as well. In this article, we will share the best places to watch the sunset in Cartagena. So grab your camera and make sure you check out one of these spots to photograph sunset in this beautiful city!

Best Cafes and Restaurants for Sunset in Cartagena

Cafe del Mar is the most popular spot for sunset in Cartagena

Café del Mar is one of Cartagena’s most famous bars, and watching sunset here is one of the unmissable things to do in Cartagena. It is located atop the colonial era city wall that surrounds the Old City of Cartagena. Not only does that make it a unique place to see the sunset in Cartagena, but it also gives visitors a direct view of the sun going down over the Caribbean.

The cannons on the wall and the Cartagena and Colombia flags billowing in the breeze make it even more picturesque.  You can find Café del Mar a couple blocks behind the Santo Domingo Church.  They have great cocktails and also great food to accompany the great view.

Tip from a local

Being such a famous spot, it does get crowded, so it’s best to get here early and make sure you get a table close to the edge of the wall where you’ll have the best view.

El Baluarte San Francisco Javier

If you don’t manage to get a table at Café del Mar or are looking for a second great spot to see the sunset in Cartagena atop the wall, head to El Baluarte San Francisco Javier.  It is located near the Charleston Santa Teresa Hotel, behind the San Pedro Claver Church on a corner of the wall.

While the view here is a little bit more receded from the coast than at Café del Mar, and the view isn’t as direct, it is still a good spot. Drinks and food here are also more reasonably priced, making this a great place to see the sunset in Cartagena for those on a budget.

Casa de la Cerveza

The Casa de la Cerveza is another one of the best places to watch the sunset in Cartagena.  Located atop one of the small sections of the wall that remains in the Getsemaní neighborhood, it has a unique view of the sunset over the bay on one side and the imposing Castillo San Felipe Fort on the other.

There are solid drinks as well as good snacks and appetizers for sharing here.  You can find Casa de la Cerveza at the very end of the Calle del Arsenal in Cartagena.

Hotel Movich’s Rooftop Bar

If you want more of a panoramic view of the city and sunset, check out the rooftop bar at Hotel Movich.  This is arguably the very best view in all of Cartagena.  You can see the bay with the skyscrapers of the modern city in the background and the San Pedro Claver church of the Old City in the foreground on one side.  On the other, you can see the colorful tower of the other cathedral.

The final disappearance of the sun beyond the horizon can be a bit obscured here by other buildings, but the view is amazing, and you’ll get to see most of its descent and the water and sky lit up over the bay during sunset is just beautiful.  There are good cocktails as well as appetizers on offer here as well.

Like Café del Mar, this is one of the most popular places to watch the sunset in Cartagena, so try to get here early to get a good table.  Although you do not need to be a guest to go to the rooftop bar, occasionally there are private events here, so you may not want to save taking in the view here for your last day just in case it’s closed.

Best Rooftop Bars to Watch Sunset in Cartagena

Townhouse’s Rooftop Bar

If Movich does happen to be closed, head over the Townhouse Boutique Hotel’s rooftop.  With one of Cartagena’s coolest vibes and some of the best drinks in town, it’s a good spot even if the view isn’t quite as great as Movich.

There are great tapas here as well with a good fusion between local seafood and bar type food.  There is also often a DJ during sunset time, and it’s a great place to have drinks even after the sun has gone down as well.

Townhouse is located near the Parque Fernandez de Madrid and the rooftop bar is always open to the public.

51 Skybar

If you’re looking for highest elevated sunset spot in Cartagena, check out 51 Skybar atop the Estelar Hotel.  On the 51st floor, you can get great views of the sun setting over the Caribbean on one side and the bay on the other.

51 Skybar is located in the modern Bocagrande district of the city.  Seating facing the sunset is a bit limited so try to get here early if you go.

Hyatt Regency Hotel Rooftop Bar

This is a bit of a hidden sunset spot in Cartagena.  The Hyatt Regency is located just next to the Estelar.  Its rooftop bar faces towards the bay, while the pools, only open to guests, face towards the Caribbean and the sunset.

However, there is a great little deck just beside the little restaurant inside on the top floor with a few small tables.  It has a direct view of the sunset, and is one of the neatest and most intimate views of it in the city.

El Municipal Foodtrucks

This area with several food trucks along the Calle del Arsenal in Getsemaní is another one of the best sunset places in Cartagena.  There are some neat chairs that face out to the bay here where you can see the sun go down, and the food here is varied, good, and reasonably priced.

El Muelle Bar and Restaurant in Laguito

El Muelle is located in the area known as Laguito at the far end of the Bocagrande peninsula.  There is a deck area overlooking the beach here as well as some beach chairs available.  Whichever you choose, they offer a great view of the sunset over the beach.

There is good seafood and drinks here as well and there is a big space so you usually do not have much trouble getting a good spot, however you can hang out at the beach or get some sun on the deck if you do get here a bit early.

Café de al Lado

Finally, if you want another great free place to watch a great sunset in Cartagena, head to the area just beside Café del Mar, often referred to as Café de al Lado (roughly translated as side café in Spanish).  Here you can sit along the wall and watch the sunset, and also hear the music from Café del Mar.

You’ll find plenty of locals here and it’s a great spot to take in the amazing view without dropping the pesos on the pricey drinks next door at Café del Mar.  Of course, if it’s too crowded here, you can get some good views from many other nearby areas atop the wall as well.

Best Spots for a stunning Cartagena Sunset

From the Beach

If you don’t want to have to shell out for drinks but want a neat view of the sunset, you could just opt to watch from the beach.  You will get the best views from the beaches near the end of Bocagrande, in Laguito, or in Castillogrande.  You should be able to negotiate renting some cheap chairs if you would like them or just hang out with your feet in the sand.

Cartagena sunset from the beach

Cerro de la Popa

This spot offers amazing panoramic views of the city, the coastline and the bay. It is perfect. to watch the sun set over the Cartagena skyline. You can even visit the monastery at the top of La Popa before watching sunset. Make sure to get a cab to take you up the hill!

Norma Gòmez, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

San Sebastián de Pastelillo Fort

The fort offers some great views of the city, even though it is not as impressive as some of the other forts in Cartagena. The best time to visit the fort is during sunset. The gazebos are lit up and make for a pretty romantic spot to watch the sun go down.You can dine and grab a drink at Club de Pesca built on a corner of the colonial fort San Sebastián de Pastellito.

Best Sunset Cruises in Cartagena

Sibarita Sunset Cruise

Watching the sunset in Cartagena from the Caribbean sea is a fantastic experience. The Sibarita Express Sunset Cruise will take you out on Cartagena’s bay. The cruise is about 90 minute long and you will be treated to an open bar on board!

Those are 14 great places to watch sunset in Cartagena, ranging from some of the city’s finest bars to free views from the beach or wall.  Be sure to check out as many as you can and decide which is your favorite Cartagena sunset spot.

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