40 Signs you are Totally Obsessed with Traveling

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If like me you are obsessed with traveling like I am, you might recognize yourself in the following signs!

1. Your travel bucket list is a mile long

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list…

2. Some countries are on your list twice

You already know one trip won’t be enough to see everything so might as well be safe and plan your return visit …

3. You can instantly associate an airline with its frequent flyer program

Maybe I can use my Flying Blue Points combined with some Star Alliance miles to get a third of this ticket for free…

4. You are a member of every frequent flyer program

And you open almost every email, just in case one of them makes you an offer you cannot refuse…

5. You never waste random vacation days

Vacation days are more precious than gold…Sorry but I can’t take a half day to go to your half sister’s cousin’s baby shower because I need it to go to Japan.

6. Your coffee table looks like the Travel section at Barnes and Noble

You always have a travel guide nearby for a relaxing read

7. You hate having to connect in a country you’ve never visited

So you’re telling me I have 3 HOURS in Singapore and I can’t get out of the airport?? #anxiety

8. You can recite the aircraft’s safety video in your sleep

Please turn off all electronic devices, blah blah blah…. seatbelt sign on, blah blah blah

9. You love flying a new airline

I wonder what will be on the menu and what movies they will have. Wow look at this pink mood lighting…

10. Nothing makes you happier than the feeling you get when the plane takes off on your way to a new adventure

You know that the next time you will touch the ground, you’ll be in a new country…

11. You get really excited with insanely long flights

Most people dread it…but it gets you all giddy! A 13 hour flight time means you’re literally going to the other side of the world. The longer the better.

12. You start planning your next trip while on your current trip

What better time than a long flight to start perusing a brand new destination

13. You get restless if you don’t have a trip planned in the near future

14. You’ve become an expert at sleeping in Economy seats

If I twist my body like a pretzel, I might be able to snooze for a couple hours…

15. You get super excited when your plane ticket is finally booked

This is getting real guys…Now we’re actually going!

16. You’ve spent hours moving the pin on Google flights

Boston —-> Rest of the world between those dates. Now let’s check every country imaginable for prices and see what I can afford.

17. Tripadvisor and travel blogs are like a bible

18. You get almost as excited about planning the trip as actually going

You spend hours reading books, checking blogger’s Instagram feeds, reading reviews… 

19. You find random currencies in your wallet

Can pay for this coffee in Kronas please?

20. Your phone is full of travel apps

Offline maps, currency converters, language translators, etc…

21. You’re an expert at packing a carry on

They’d be surprised how much you can fit in a small suitcase… and no of course I don’t have any liquids!

22. You go through security at any airport on autopilot

You can take off your shoes/belt and arrange all your belongings in a couple plastic tubs in less than 30 seconds

23. Finding a good place to order takeout at home is a real challenge

Their version of Thai food, Chinese food, Italian food can’t compare after you’ve tasted the real thing.

24. When someone tells you they’re going on a trip you instantly want to know every detail

And you’re secretly a little jealous, especially if it’s a place you’ve never been…

25. Often you feel the need to chime in and offer your travel planning expertise

Even though you know it might get annoying…

26. You love looking at all the fun stamps on your passport

27. You get a bit offended when a country doesn’t stamp your passport

I know I am still in the EU but that still counts as a new country, right?

28. Your Instagram feed is like the Travel Channel on steroids

29. Any Instagram photo you stumble upon becomes a new place you will have to visit in the future

Random lake in Switzerland? Put it on the list! Secret Beach in the Philippines ? Put it on the list!

30.You always have a half unpacked suitcase laying around

Just in case better be prepared.

31.You love staring at the departure board at any major airport

There are people here today going to all these places…#mindblown

32. You leave your toiletries in your travel bag year round

33. And you always have TSA approved empty bottles laying around

34. You know how to say hello and thank you in many different languages

35. When you fall in love with a new country, you instantly add it right back on the bucket list and make plans to come back

A long weekend in Rio is amazing, but it will probably take 4 trips to see Brazil…

36. Every trip no matter how close to home becomes an adventure

Going to a wedding in a nearby state? Let’s see if I can swing a visit to this national park on the way…

37. You plan your whole life around traveling

We still have 6 countries to visit before even considering buying a house… actually 8 countries!

38. You’ll never take a job that doesn’t let you take enough time off for trips

39. You (will) still travel with your children

Contrary to popular belief, a traveler’s dream doesn’t end when they start a family. Plans and destinations are adjusted, but there are plenty of places in the world that can be visited with young kids. A rental in Florida is not your only choice.

40. You know that no matter how many places you see, it will never ever be enough to cure your wanderlust

And you are totally fine with it.

40 signs you are totally obsessed with traveling

What are your signs that you are obsessed with traveling?

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  1. LOVE this post! Everything is 100% relevant and true, haha. Especially: ’27. You get a bit offended when a country doesn’t stamp your passport’; ’29. Any Instagram photo you stumble upon becomes a new place you will have to visit in the future’; and ’19. You find random currencies in your wallet’. I always find random coins in my wallet and accidentally pay with them! A 10p coin looks identical to 1 Philippine Peso which looks identical to 1 US quarter. Most of the time people notice but other times… 😉

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