Romantic Weekend in Paris – 15 Things To Do With Your Partner

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Whether you know it as the City of Love or the City of Lights, there’s no doubt a romantic weekend in Paris stands out as one of the best things you can do with your beloved. There is so much to do in this gorgeous city, all best enjoyed together.

I’ve put together all the top attractions and things to do together for the perfect romantic trip to Paris. As well as some lesser-known gems that you can enjoy without the crowds. You can tick them all off in a whirlwind weekend – none of these stops are too far from one another. 

So, let’s jump right into all the perfect stops for your dreamy romantic break in Paris.

A lady holding a rose in front of the Eiffel Tower, one of the best places to visit on a romantic weekend to Paris

1. Picnic at Luxembourg Gardens

This massive public garden is certainly one of the loveliest places to be in Paris during spring and summer. The flower beds are pristine and bright, and the lawn beckons for a romantic picnic in the sunlight. 

Stroll around the park, watch children playing and locals living their best lives, and enjoy the laid-back happiness surrounding you. 

You can also visit the Luxembourg Palace itself (which you’ll be admiring during your picnic). Just keep in mind that this home to the French Senate has an entrance fee, while the gardens are free.

2. Marvel at Sainte-Chapelle

Few things in the world are as intimately beautiful as the colored-glass windows of Sainte-Chapelle. This Gothic royal chapel is located within the medieval Palais de la Cité, once the residence of the kings of France. 

The chapel, built in 1248, is magnificent, with massive stained glass windows stretching far overhead. It’s a place of religious pilgrimage, but you certainly don’t have to be religious to appreciate it. 

3. Discover French Pastries

Certainly one of the most exciting things about Paris, there are so many incredible French pastries to try. Check out all the best desserts and where to find them in Paris, and try to tick off as many as you can. It’s a wonderful way to spend the day, exploring Paris and finding all the most luxurious and tasty pastries. Super romantic!

Some of the most famous desserts are croissants, macrons, and crepes. But less known, and equally but uniquely delicious, are decadent frasier, and pralunine. Find your favorites, and consider taking a baking class together so that you can make them back at home too. What better way to remember your romantic weekend in Paris?

4. Stop at The Love Lock Bridge (Pont des Arts)

Ambling across the various Parisian bridges is always a romantic experience. The river Seine is so striking, and the trees and buildings that line it are very pretty. But, undoubtedly, the most romantic bridge in Paris is the famous Love Lock Bridge. 

Lovers have been attaching personalized padlocks to the bridge railings for the past few years, throwing the keys into the Seine. I don’t advise attaching your own lock, as the practice has been technically banned, but it’s fun looking at some of the locks and appreciating how much love exists in the world.

5. Take a Sunset Cruise Along River Seine

One of the most romantic things to do in Paris. This is the perfect way to see the city of love with your beloved. Cruise along the river as the sun sets, taking in the sights together while you relax. 

In addition to watching the sunset, a cruise at this time also allows you to see the city from the river both in daylight and at dusk, as the city begins to light up in a different way.

There are a number of different cruise options. Choose between a simple cruise, a champagne-tasting journey, or a dinner on the river, depending on your time and budget.

A couple sitting by the river at sunset

6. Musée de la Vie Romantique

Where else in the world will you find a dedicated museum of romance? The charming Musée de la Vie Romantique curates and exhibits artwork related to romance, beauty, and love. 

If you enjoy art, you’ll adore this unique museum and the ever-changing exhibitions it hosts. It really adds something totally unique to romantic Paris breaks.

7. Stroll Through Rue des Barres in Le Marais

This historic Parisian street feels more like a village boulevard, threading through some of the prettiest stops in the city. It’s also one of the oldest pedestrian streets in Paris. 

Walk down the wide cobblestone steps, admiring the period buildings and cute cafes. Stop for some pastries, and see if you can visit the Roman-Gothic Église Saint-Gervais. 

8. Visit the Eiffel Tower at Dawn

Now, we all know that a trip to the city of love is incomplete without going to see the Eiffel Tower. Even with only a weekend in Paris, you can’t skip it. But large crowds aren’t ideal. So I recommend waking up early, grabbing a cup of coffee, and heading over here at dawn. 

You’ll be able to see the incredibly famous monument practically alone. You can only go up the tower at 9am, but the lines for this often take hours, so with only a weekend to spare, it may be best to simply enjoy the view of it. It does only close at midnight, though, and can get a little quieter late at night. So if you do want to go up the tower, consider a late-night trip and look out over the sparkling lights of Paris.

Person walking towards the Eiffel Tower at sunset, one of the best places to visit on a romantic weekend in Paris

9. Stroll along Canal Saint-Martin 

Stroll hand-in-hand along one of the most beautiful canals in Paris. This tree-lined canal is popular with locals and tourists alike and tends to be quite lively. You can watch boats cruising along the canal, and enjoy the atmosphere. 

The canal is lined with bars and cafes. So you can stop and enjoy a glass of wine or a French pastry overlooking the canal and the attractions beyond it. 

At night, the vibrant social atmosphere and the lights reflecting on the water and are enchanting. During the day, it’s just as beautiful.

A couple sitting by the river under a tree with autumn leaves

10. Watch a Cabaret

Parisian Cabaret is colorful, vibrant, and very impressive. They’re also famously risque, so if you and your partner aren’t comfortable with other beautiful, scantily clad people, you may want to give it a skip. 

But if you are, it’s a wonderfully dazzling show. It includes dancing, singing, acrobatics, and massively flamboyant wardrobes. 

The performances have also been an integral part of bohemian Paris for centuries, so you’ll be experiencing a rich part of local culture. Some favorites are Moulin Rouge, Lido de Paris, and Crazy Horse. 

11. Go Shopping at Marche des Enfants Rouges

Before you glance past this because shopping isn’t romantic – Marche des Enfants Rouges is the oldest covered market in Paris. Established in 1628, the market is a historic monument. It’s very popular among locals and relatively unknown to tourists. 

Stroll through the market, smelling flowers, tasting Parisian specialties, and finding all the perfect ingredients for a romantic picnic. 

The market is a perfect place to avoid crowds of tourists and immerse yourselves in authentic local Paris life.

Bunches of roses at a flower shop in Paris

12. Browse and have coffee at Shakespeare and Company

Not only is Shakespeare and Co. a historic little library, but it’s also one of the cutest cafes in Paris. Browse through the wonderful literature selection. You can even find a book of poetry or a novel that captures your experience of Paris together. They sell both new and used books, so you kind find the perfect thing for you.

The bookstore cafe is located right next to the bookstore itself, with views over St. Julien le Pauvre park, and Notre Dame. They make a mean lemon pie, along with organic foods and fresh juices. 

13. Wander Up the Streets of Montmartre

Montmartre is a charming little village right in the heart of Paris. It’s a very popular tourist attraction. But you’ll find that you can leave the crowds behind by getting lost in the winding cobblestone streets of the neighborhood, rather than plowing up the same way everyone else takes.

The village runs up a hill, with the shining white Sacré-Cœur basilica sitting at the top. The Romano-Byzantine is an impressive sight. It’s a wonderful place to look out over the city of Paris and appreciate it from an uncommon angle.

Montmartre is full of museums, art galleries, cafes and bars. Spend a few hours exploring the famous Parisian neighborhood together.

14. Take a Ride on Sacre Coeur Carousel

One of my favorite hidden gems in Paris is this exquisite carousel. And it’s in Montmartre! Located in the Square Louise Michel, this carousel offers postcard-perfect views of the Sacre Coeur

But more importantly, taking a ride on the charming old carousel is super romantic. Go in the evening when the lights are on, highlighting the beauty of the painted carousel.

If you’re not particular about avoiding crowds, you can also take a ride on the Eiffel Tower Carousel, lit up by the lights of the Eiffel Tower itself. Or the central and beautiful Trocadero Carousel.

15. Read The ‘I Love You’ Wall

Love is an international language. Yes, this is cheesy. But it’s also the perfect segway into an actual linguistic exploration of love. 

This wall features the words ‘I love you’ in 311 different languages. The artwork spans 416 square feet and was created to express the global importance of love. 

A visit to the wall, along with a photo of you two in front of it, is the perfect way to end the most romantic breaks in Paris.

A couple enjoying the view of the Eiffel Tower, one of the best things to see on a romantic weekend in Paris

Do you know any other romantic spots in Paris? Share them in the comments below!

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