10 Best Spots for Sunset in Australia

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Australia is famous for many natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, Kakadu National Park, Sydney Opera, kangaroos, and beautiful beaches. What you have to know is that Australia has awesome sunsets as well. We will share all the best spots for sunset in Australia in this post, including some hidden gems!

Due to Australia’s geographical location, the best sunsets are on the west coast. This is where the sun hides in the ocean making spectacular scenery. However, even on the east coast or in the outback, you can spot breathtaking sunsets that you never forget.

Australia is a hot country, especially in the northern parts of the continent. For us, during our camping trips, the best time was always at the end of the day when we could grab a glass of wine, sit on a chair and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

The cloud colors are just stunning in Australia – from red to pink, turning warm orange, and finishing with smokey pastel violets. But that varies from location to location, so let’s go for a little journey and see the ten best sunsets in Australia that we encountered in our trips.

The Most Beautiful Sunset Spots in Western Australia


Darwin has a unique charm of a tropical city that offers stunning Australian sunsets during the dry season. 

At this time of the year, the sky is often covered with smoke, and this can create beautiful smudges and stunning visual effects. The best spot to enjoy sunsets in Darwin is during Mindil Market.

Mindil Market occurs between April and October and offers local food and art stalls. You can grab something to eat, sit on the beach, listen to live music, and enjoy the sun slowly disappearing behind the horizon. 

Darwin is one of the prettiest spots for sunset in Australia.

Darwin is one of the best Australia sunset spots

Middle Lagoon – Dampier Peninsula

Dampier Peninsula in Western Australia is known for its pindan cliffs, white sand beaches, and colorful rocks. It is also one of the best places you can enjoy a breathtaking sunset. 

Visit one of many Aboriginal communities in Dampier Peninsula that offer great camping grounds with an amazing atmosphere, and you will not regret it.

The colors of the sun reflecting on the calm waters of the Timor sea are truly magical.

Who would not enjoy fishing with a sunset like that in the background?

best Australia sunsets at middle lagoon

Eighty Mile Beach

Eighty Mile Beach is located 380 km west of Broome in Western Australia. 

The beach is famous for its fishing and beautiful shell spotting. When we traveled around Australia, we were able to find really big shells, sometimes reaching over 25 cm!

The best way to enjoy the Eighty Mile Beach is to go for a long drive on the beach (you must have a 4WD) early in the morning or late in the afternoon. 

In the morning, you may find really big shells, and in the afternoon, you can experience the magnificent sunset in complete isolation away from anybody.

Make sure you visit Eighty Mile Beach when you are around Broome.

watch sunset in Australia at eighty miles beach


The town of 1770, located on the east coast, was built on the site of the second landing in Australia by James Cook, a famous voyager, and explorer who has a lasting place in Australian history.

Hang on, but why 1770 is listed here? Aren’t the best sunsets on the west coast of Australia? Indeed, it is true, but the town of 1770 is located on the peninsula that goes from the south to the north, with wide bay waters surrounding it.

Due to its specific coastline, Queenslanders can enjoy the amazing sun setting over the water. We still remember the soft orange glow of the setting sun. 1770 is an unforgettable spot for sunset in Australia!

Visit Bustard Bay Lookout, Capitan Cook Memorial, or simply wander along the Endeavour Park to experience it by yourself.

1770 is an unforgettable spot for Sunset in Australia

Pentecost Crossing in Kimberley

Welcome to the longest river crossing in Australia. It is 100 meters wide, and if it happens you drive it at the end of the day, you will be rewarded with the warm colors of the setting sun in the Pentecost Ranges.

Ancient peaks catching the last lights of the golden hour are truly magical. Water crossing promises a day full of adventures. 

The only thing that can’t be done is a quick swim in this calm, beautiful water as saltwater crocodiles (salties) also inhibit the Pentecost River. 

Stay in Home Valley, located 15 km from the crossing, and come back here just for the sunset – you will not regret it!

The King George River is also one of the most beautiful sunsets spots in Australia on the West Coast.

Australia sunset spots at pentecost crossing in Kimberley

The Most Beautiful Sunset Spots in Northern Australia


Weipa is a mining and tourist town located on the west coast of the Cape York Peninsula. It is a popular destination for anyone going up north to put their foot on the northernmost point of the Australian continent.

The sun in Weipa sinks in the ocean, making stunning visual effects over the sand, especially during the low tide. These sunsets are one of a kind, and it is definitely worth stopping there for a few nights.

In Weipa, you can go fishing, boating, 4WD driving, and hiking, but the best activity for us was a 2 hours boat cruise over in the bay.

Weipa is a popular place to watch sunset in Australia

Cable Beach

Cable Beach is one of the best-known beaches in Australia.

It is a wide beach with delightful white sand where you can take your 4WD for a spin and enjoy the wind and salt on the face. This is the place to feel freedom as never before. 

When the sun turns orange, it is time to swap the car for a camel and take a stroll to admire the beautiful evening sun with other fellow travelers.

Australia sunsets are epic at cable beach

Alau Beach

Cape York is on a bucket list for many camping and 4WD enthusiasts. Driving to Cape York is not easy and has to be planned carefully to avoid disappointment, but if done properly, you will be rewarded with many natural wonders of the Cape York Peninsula.

Imagine yourself on Alau rugged beach where you can find a perfect spot for fishing and enjoy the setting sun. The weather is warm, the water is calm, and clouds are moving slowly, catching the last light from the sun.

The only thing you have to be careful of are saltwater crocodiles that roam these waters from time to time. 

seeing an alau beach Sunset in Australia can be very rewarding


Ubirr takes a special place in our hearts, and it is a spot we always come back to. 

Ubirr is one of Kakadu National Park’s oldest Aboriginal sites open to the public. It is home to amazing indigenous rock art dating back thousands of years.

The best way to enjoy Ubirr is to visit many open art galleries during the day, and in the evening, walk to the Ubirr, look out and see a breathtaking sunset over the Nadab floodplains with a wide view into the stone country of Arnhem Land.

Ubirr is one of the top Australia sunset spots

Gunlom, Kakadu National Park

Gunlom is another place worth visiting in Kakadu National Park. 

Gunlom Falls is a cascading waterfall with beautiful scenery. It is not easy to get there, as the only road is a corrugated dirt track, but once you tackle that, you will be rewarded immensely.

Once you arrive at the huge campground, you can go for a quick splash in a plunge pool at the bottom of the falls. However, the best part about Gunlom is to go for a short hike to the top of the gorge where small rock pools are located.

If you do it at the end of the day, you will enjoy an amazing view from the top with the sun setting in the distance over the vast woodland plains and hills.

go to gunlom in kakadu national park to watch sunset in Australia

10 Best Sunsets in Australia – Summary

Australia is a beautiful continent with amazing sunsets around the coastline, but also in the outback. 

Our shortlist of the ten best sunsets in Australia is only a subjective glimpse of what you can find here, something we had seen during our camping trips in Australia. Many other interesting places are waiting to be discovered.

I only hope you will have an opportunity to visit some of them soon!

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