About Me

Bonjour! I’m Julie, a Parisian girl who left the City of Lights to relocate to the beautiful (but freezing) city of Boston, Massachusetts. Wanderlusting around the world is my passion and I have been lucky to travel to amazing destinations. Whether I am jumping off waterfalls in Bali, hiking a volcano in Costa Rica or walking on a glacier in Iceland, I always have  a camera in hand so I can share my adventures and inspire others to follow my footsteps.

What is Wandering Sunsets

Wandering Sunsets is place for me to share my planning tips/destination guides, and showcase the millions of photographs I have accumulated during my travels. Wandering Sunsets will also debunk the popular belief that you need to rough it and carry a backpack to really experience a country. We will feature a curated selection of boutique hotels, along with authentic local experiences.

The name of this blog Wandering Sunsets came from our love for sunset photography. No matter what country or city we visit, and how long we are staying, we will always look for the best sunset spot to try and capture some memorable shots.

About the girl

I spent the first twenty years of my life living in the beautiful city of Paris. My parents gave me the travel bug at a very young age by taking us along on many adventures to Israel, Morroco, Spain and the beautiful French Riviera. When we started learning how to read French in Elementary School, I nicely asked my professor if I could learn how to read English instead so I would be able to travel the world…  I guess I have always been an American girl at heart. I had never visited the United States and yet I was already in love.

I spent the best part of my teenage years practicing my American accent by bing watching friends on video cassettes and partying in many European capitals. At 16 years old, I finally boarded a plane by myself to the United States to spend two weeks in Cocoa Beach, Florida. I tried Oreos, peanut butter, cookie dough and grape flavor for the first time and this was enough to steal my heart. I discovered Eminem, learnt the Real Slim Shady by heart and became determined to speak at the same rhythm. By the time I came back, it was decided. One day for college, I would be moving to America.

Fast forward fifteen years later… I made my dream come true. I graduated from business school and earned my masters in Boston. I navigated through the exhausting and complicated US immigration system, and became a Permanent Resident. I met my amazing husband who puts up with my insatiable wanderlust. Together we cultivated our love for travel, and wandered over 150k miles in 15 different countries. We both have full time jobs, and limited vacation schedules. We have never let it stop us and we are always planning our next adventure!